Kate’s Story

Kate Fogarty’s experience of choosing a golden retriever

This is Kate’s story 

” We agonized long and hard about getting a suitable dog for our family. We always wanted a dog, but could we cope? Would we be able to give it the time needed? Could we do it justice? Would it fit our busy lifestyle? Our kids were older, would that be a problem?   We always knew we needed a “proper” dog, one who would not be house or handbag bound and would love our lifestyle would be happy with mucky walks and lots of swimming, jumping on and off boats, would hopefully take to the water and love to swim. We sail and we spend a lot of time on and around water! Our younger daughter did her research, over five years, and wore her dad down!

Fate, and some perfect timing, led us to Noreen and Shane Gallagher, previously mentioned child found that they had a new litter of retrievers, who might suit our needs, so we adults took it from there!

The initial meeting of our beautiful puppy

We rang Noreen and discussed our needs, she said we could come and see her new puppies and she could see if we were suitable, she promised nothing, yet. She needed to see if we would a suitable adoptive family for her puppy.  We loved this, as it assured us we were dealing with someone who was really serious about the happiness of her dogs. We arrived with nerves and excitement in equal measure. We met Noreen and Rosie, our pup’s mum, and prayed we passed the test because we fell in love instantly, with both mum and pups, find move out cleaning in phoenix az. We passed the test but sadly had to leave puppy H, with his mum, to be weaned for a further 4 weeks.  

It was a long few weeks but it leads to us receiving the greatest joy into our family. Puppy H, who is now Alfie, has been a dream to train and have in our home. He is exactly like his mum, a beautiful, calm, receptive and patient dog. He is loyal to a fault, loves to swim, loves to walk, loves to play hide n’ seek, and is exceptionally calm around even the youngest peskiest children. He has brought an amazing amount of love to our family and everyone who meets him.  It’d be a cold-hearted person who didn’t love Puppy H!! Thankfully Noreen and Shane were as paranoid about who their dogs went to as we were about who we got him from, this paranoia led to a perfect match of their dog and our family.

Thank you, Noreen and Shane

We couldn’t recommend Gallagher’s Goldens enough, the Gallaghers are a gentle couple whose love for their human babies has translated into some amazing dog babies! If you want a dog to fit effortlessly into a happy family you need to look no further. They gave great guidance on every facet of puppy life, training and looking after a pedigree dog and what to expect in the first few months, and beyond. They have kept in touch and have been a comforting, constant source of support.

Their dogs are exceptionally well bred, all documentation is provided, and explained, we knew nothing of IKC and vaccination requirements, the Gallaghers explained and provided everything, a huge relief, the transition from mum to us was so easy! We felt we’d won the Lotto when the Gallaghers said yes to us, and now we’ve lived with Alfie for a year we know we have won that Lotto…he’s one in a million, like his parents before him! We can’t thank Noreen and Shane enough for our glorious boy! “

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