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Martin and Louise Riordans Story

March 31, 2018
This is another recent testimonial from a family that purchased one of our puppies.

“Like the Gallaghers we were brought up with family pets and decided that we would get a Golden Retriever as a companion for our girls, Keeva (10) and Lily (8).

This is how we discovered Shane and Noreen’s Gallaghers Goldens. We were looking for a proprietary breeder who could demonstrate high standards together with a natural affection for dogs. When we watched their promotional video, we decided to contact them. They told us they engaged the professional company and their page got high visibility and promotional video got a lot of views. Check out emergency plumbing in san diego.

Gallaghers Goldens ticked all of these boxes for us when we first got to meet them at their home in Newcastle West, County Limerick. Our immediate impression of their facilities and attention to detail in regard to after and cared for their Golden Retrievers was very professional.

This culminated in our introduction to Cuba who was had just gone 2 weeks when we first picked him up, held him, cuddled him and welcomed him into our family.

Cuba is one of Shane and Noreen’s rare red Golden Retrievers and it is almost like he knows this the process of” style=”border: none; color: #333 ; font-weight: normal !important; text-decoration: none;” > overland park ks. He is a serial poser and attracts regular accolades ranging from cute to gorgeous depending on the admirer. Cuba personifies all the characteristics, and more, of what is expected from this classic family and child companion.

He is extremely playful, brilliant with the girls and us. His manners and obedience are constantly improving and considering, at the time of writing, he is only 1 year old we are very impressed with him and love him to bits. Find therapy about dating with purpose.

Noreen and Shane have been generous with their time and expert advice when we have requested assistance and guidance. So much so we have used their care services for Cuba on 2 occasions since he joined our family and we will continue to use these services as long as Shane and Noreen provide these services.

We highly recommend Gallaghers Goldens to anybody looking for the ultimate family pet!”

Martin & Louise Riordan

Killarney , County Kerry

Nine new babies

March 1, 2018
The most exciting days in this business are when our new born puppies arrive. February 24th saw the arrival of these 9 beautiful pups.

Mum and fur babies are doing great.

Thanks to Kate for delivering all safely!

Our good boy goes to Dubai

March 1, 2018
Good boy in Dubai

One of our little ones has recently arrived in Dubai to make a name for himself.

Check out the video below as he explores his new home!

Very happy pup gone to Dubai

Posted by Gallaghers Goldens on Thursday, February 15, 2018

Very happy pup gone to Dubai

Posted by Gallaghers Goldens on Thursday, February 15, 2018

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