Martin and Louise Riordans Story

March 31, 2018
This is another recent testimonial from a family that purchased one of our puppies. “Like the Gallaghers we were brought up with family pets and decided that we would get a Golden Retriever as a companion for our girls, Keeva (10) and Lily (8). This is how we discovered Shane and Noreen’s Gallaghers Goldens. We were looking for a proprietary breeder who coul

Letter from Buckingham Palace!

March 7, 2018
Recently we offered one of our beautiful golden retriever puppies to none other than the Queen of England. Unfortunately, she was not in a position to accept but she sent us this very kind letter which we will always treasure at Gallaghers Goldens.

New website coming soon

March 1, 2018
We are busy working behind the scenes with AOS Web Services to create a brand new state-of-the-art website for Gallaghers Goldens. The Professional company will do its optimization to make the site highly ranked. It’s exciting stuff and we look forward to launching it in the next few weeks!

Nine new babies

March 1, 2018
The most exciting days in this business are when our new born puppies arrive. February 24th saw the arrival of these 9 beautiful pups. Mum and fur babies are doing great. Thanks to Kate for delivering all safely!

Our good boy goes to Dubai

March 1, 2018
One of our little ones has recently arrived in Dubai to make a name for himself. Check out the video below as he explores his new home!

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