The Gallaghers

About The Gallaghers

Shane and Noreen Gallagher, along with their boys Jack and Sam, launched Gallaghers Goldens in Autumn 2016. Shane and Noreen have had a love for dogs since childhood with both being brought up with family pets.

They fell in love with the golden retrievers some 15 years ago, having researched many breeds they decided on a golden as their first family pet. On 28th December 2018, we lost our beloved Holly.

About Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is the classic family companion. They are an intelligent, loving breed of dog making them the perfect family pet. They are placid and gentle making them excellent around kids.

  • Playful
  • Obedient
  • Well-mannered

Golden Puppy

Noreen And Shane

About Gallaghers Goldens

We decided to start a golden retriever breeding programme at our home in County Limerick in 2015. We spent many months researching the breeding of golden retrievers while ensuring that we would protect the integrity of the breed and endeavour to have the best interest of our dogs in mind at all times.

We follow the British standards selling in Ireland and worldwide. Our Golden Retrievers are a beautiful english cream and rare red.

About Our Dogs

At the moment we have four breeding bitches, Daisy, Riley, Robyn and Brandy along with one stud called Duke.

We set ourselves strict guidelines to ensure that we will only take 3 litters from any female in a lifetime. We do a lot of research before we buy a bitch for breeding. We go back 5 generations of lineage to ensure that we have clear lines.

All our dogs are BVA hipscored and have clear eye tests. Females are retired following breeding life.

Our dogs on the beech

Hi there! If you would like to know any more about us puppies, or anything related to Gallaghers Goldens please feel free to contact us anytime!
the pup

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